Shweta Mishra | CureTalks

Shweta is a biochemist, nutritionist, and a diabetes educator, passionate about science behind happenings of life. She finds deep interest in research, reading and writing on various medical/scientific issues of which fertility is close to her heart, being a survivor. Now a new mom, she struggled through 7 years of infertility to get her son through IVF. Her past experiences include research in cell biology, validation and value addition of herbal formulations, writing consumer articles for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry on subjects like preconception nutrition, infant and child nutrition, cancer, infertility, and assisted reproduction techniques including teaching biochemistry and diabetes pathophysiology.Having gone through the pains and emotional upheavals of infertility, she is an aspiring fertility advocate and wants to help as many people as possible to overcome the depression, and guilt associated with infertility and reach the joys of parenthood, by educating through her research, discussions and writings on this issue.

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