The MMRF Precision Medicine Model - How Close to Multiple Myeloma Cure Are We?

The MMRF Precision Medicine Model - How Close to Multiple Myeloma Cure Are We?

The MMRF has built a unique model that provides the only end-to-end solution in cancer research. This model is based on three interrelated pillars fueled by data generation and integration; collaboration and discovery; and accelerating clinical trials. Integrating this model with precision medicine, MMRF aims to get closer to finding a cure for multiple myeloma. We are talking to Anne Quinn Young of the MMRF to learn about the details of this initiative and also discuss the results and other developments of the CoMMpass trial.


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  • Anonymous User March 1, 2018, 2:34 p.m.  US/Eastern

    Hello, Having multiple myeloma, I really like reading this information. So how close are we in finding a cure? I had a stem cll transplant in 2016 and on revlimid 10 mg for maintenance. My m-spkike 0.2 it was 0.1. I never did go into complete remission. Thanks Connie

  • Anonymous User July 28, 2017, 4:13 a.m.  US/Eastern

    My name is Anthea from South Africa. I 70 and have multiple myeloma IgA Kappa and my treatment has been Dexamethazone and Thalidomide. .. cancer stopped responding to treatment .and saw a clinical trial where 89 patients on renal failure with high creatinine levels and with the increase of dosage of Dexamethazone and Thalidomide to the tolerance levels of the patients the kidneys function was restored and the creatinine levels came back into safe range. .... I have been on that treatment for 4 months with excellent results. . Paraprotein was at 49 and in first month dropped to 34. Creatinine was 222 and dropped to 133 Hg went up to 10 from 8. 2nd month was similar pp 34 to 31 133 to 98. .. So please use this information. . I understand that the multi myeloma is concentrated in the red bone marrow areas being the spine ribcage neck and scull. .. and where the cancerous plasma cells proliferate , destroying bone red blood cells and white blood cells and basically overtaking the system ... Instead of the plasma cell being the defence force of the body. . Now the cancerous plasma cell stems from the defective red bone marrow which produce the stem cells where the plasma cells are already cancerous ..... Therefore what studies have been done to investigate what causes the initial defective bone marrow given the fact that the kidneys send the hormone to the red bone marrow to produce blood. Could the defect commence from the kidneys producing a defective hormone which initiates the blood production in the first place. .. 2. I also understand that yellow bone marrow is located in the long bones and have a different function where the function is to ensure healthy joint cartridge bones and body fat but can also produce blood cells. ... Therefore the question is ....being separate from the red bone marrow areas .... a) is the yellow bone marrow also cancerous and b) if not how can yellow bone marrow be used to make healthy blood cells. . While at the same time using the known medications to destroy the cancerous plasma cells. C) it seems to me that the cause could start at the kidneys sending the defective hormone to the red bone marrow ... without which the red bone marrow cannot produce blood stem cells in the first place. .. so is the red bone marrow already defective or does it become defective because of the possibility of a defective hormone. Can you reply to with thanks Anthea. ..

  • Anonymous User July 27, 2017, 6:32 p.m.  US/Eastern

    Is postponing ASCT a viable option for patients who have reached a very good response but no remission but on maintenance. Is waiting for relapse a good option.