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Bridging the Gap in Multiple Myeloma Survival

What is the gap in myeloma survival? Currently the National Cancer Institute reports a life expectancy of just over five years, whereas, myeloma specialists at myeloma centers of excellence have reported a life expectancy of over ten years for myeloma patients. This five year difference is the gap between what is and what could be! A simple explanation for the difference is that only 15-20% of patients actually see or have a treatment plan from a myeloma specialist. Patients may want to see a myeloma specialist, but the wait time is excessive. The only way to close the gap is to provide education, coaching and specialist’s expertise for myeloma patients and local hematologists/oncologists. 

Multiple myeloma survivor and advocate, Gary Petersen talks to the CEO of HealthTree, Jennifer Ahlstrom who has been building a comprehensive platform and organization to help to close this gap. Jenny will provide her perspectives on how the HealthTree platform can help bridge the GAP in myeloma survival and how it may become a template for many other hard to treat diseases.


Talk Recorded on Mar 30, 2023, 12:30 pm EST </> Embed Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials
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