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COVID19 Pandemic – Impact on Pregnant Women and Those Seeking Infertility Treatments


Currently, very little is known about the impact of COVID-19 on reproduction and pregnancy. But as the COVID 19 pandemic began to affect…

May 01, 2020, 05:00 pm 2 Listen

Making Infertility Treatments Affordable – Insurance Policies Related to Benefits


Soaring costs of infertility treatments and preservation burn holes in the pockets of patients already dealing with the emotional upheavals of it. Insurance…

Mar 03, 2020, 03:00 pm 4 Listen

Managing Endometriosis Leading to Infertility

Endometriosis is a debilitating condition in which tissues similar to uterine tissue are found outside of the uterus, most often in the pelvic…

Apr 10, 2019, 04:00 pm 1 Listen

Effective Mind-Body Strategies to Reduce the Stress of Infertility and Improve Mental Health


Research has shown that our mental state affects the outcomes of treatment in all disease conditions, including infertility, where it may decrease the…

May 07, 2018, 06:00 pm 2 Listen

Understanding the Medical and Legal Aspects of Surrogacy – An Option in Infertility


Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction for people who are unable to conceive due to medical complications or other reasons. It is…

Dec 14, 2017, 06:00 pm 1 Listen