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Allison Pozzi | CureTalks

Cervical cancer survivor and IVF success story, Allison is an attorney at a tech company in San Francisco and mother of a 2 year old son. Diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage 1B cervical cancer in late 2012 after 9 months of complications post-miscarriage that went undiagnosed, she sought medical care at the top hospitals in the Bay Area and was advised to obtain a hysterectomy. A desperate plea to Dr. Lamb, as a friend, resulted in a connection to a friend in a similar situation who recommended a consultation at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. A month later, a fertility preserving procedure called a trachelectomy was performed there and Allison was able to proceed in her fertility journey. Four years of procedures, retrievals, transfers and a miscarriage followed, but on January 3, 2017 her son was born via c-section at 39 weeks on her scheduled date, a milestone her OB had pegged at a 7% chance of achieving. Today, Allison is 18 weeks pregnant with a baby girl thanks to IVF again and thankful to be in a position to be helping woman obtain their family goals via knowledge despite cancer and fertility challenges. [Photo by MD Anderson Cancer Center]

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