Anna Lucia Krupp, Author at Curetalks

Anna Lucia Krupp | CureTalks

Anna Lucia Krupp is the Founder and President of the Midwest Endometriosis Association, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based out of the Twin Cities. The mission of the MEA is to improve the lives of patients with endometriosis through educational outreach and community events. Anna Lucia has personal experience with endometriosis; after over 10 years without answers, in March of 2017, her diagnosis of endometriosis was finally confirmed after expert excision surgery. Since then, through the MEA, Anna Lucia has been working hard to spread awareness of the disease so that others, like herself, can seek effective treatment sooner. In addition to her nonprofit work, Anna Lucia is also a scientific and technical writer for the Schulze Diabetes Institute. She and her husband live in the Twin Cities and they recently celebrated the birth of their first son.

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