Brian McMahon, Author at Curetalks

Brian McMahon | CureTalks

Brian McMahon is the founder of SparkCures and a four-time cancer caregiver. Brian believes that clinical trials are the only path towards better treatment, higher quality of life, and a cure for myeloma. The search for clinical trials is personal for him because his mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She received a poor prognosis due to genetic factors and a late diagnosis and within three weeks, she was enrolled in a clinical trial. Participating in the trial gave her two additional years with the family that doctors never thought would be possible. Since then, Brain has cared for family members and friends who were diagnosed with cancer. As a caregiver, he’s had clinical trial conversations with doctors from the University of Arkansas to Dana-Farber and a half-dozen hospitals in between. He has used dozens of advocacy groups and websites to search for clinical trials and he knows how difficult it is to find them, understand them, and have these conversations. He started SparkCures to help patients and caregivers understand and discover eligible clinical trials and sign up for free to get personalised clinical trial reports.

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