Charlie McCone, Author at Curetalks

Charlie McCone | CureTalks

Charlie McCone is a 32 year old Long COVID patient advocate based in San Francisco, CA. He was struck with a 'mild infection’ in March 2020, and has suffered severe debilitating symptoms for over two years now. Prior to illness he was in the prime of his life with no health issues to speak of. He was an active tennis player, cyclist who biked 10 miles a day, and worked full-time as a non-profit professional. He is currently on short-term disability, is severely house-bound, and relies on his long-term partner as his full-time care-taker. In Spring 2022, he penned an op-ed for the Guardian: "We Need Answers to These Four Long COVID Questions". He has also made media appearances and has been interviewed by CBS, ABC 7, SF Chronicle, KQED, The California Report, and USA Today.

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