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David Stanley | CureTalks

"David L. Stanley, B.S., M.A., is a Flint, Michigan based writer, teacher, voice-over actor, and audiobook narrator. His book, Melanoma: It Started with a Freckle was published in spring 2016 via McGann Publishing and hit #1 as a new release in dermatology. You can read more about it on his Facebook page; search for @melanomabook. Stanley writes regularly for Dads Roundtable.com. There, his articles on cancer living and care have been read by over 700,000 readers. Stanley’s freelance work has appeared in Bridge.com, JTA, Moment, Peloton, ROAD, and Velo magazines. His work on the Flint Water Crisis was featured on NPR’s Here and Now. He speaks regularly on fatherhood, education, and cancer advocacy issues. His VO work can be heard at Myvoiceovermasters.com. He has nearly 30 audiobook narrations under his belt. Search for him on Audible.com. He is married, with one son, and lives in Michigan. Follow him on Twitter @dstan58. He tweets early and often."

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