Eileen Z.Fuentes, Author at Curetalks

Eileen Z.Fuentes | CureTalks

Eileen Z. Fuentes is a married mother of 3 girls and has been a healthcare administration professional for more than 15 years. In 2008, at just 34 years old, she was diagnosed with stage II triple negative breast cancer and underwent aggressive treatment, which led to many unpleasant complications including a life-threatening blood clot in her heart. She is now a wellness educator, integrative cancer care coach and started her own organization, The SPEACH, which stands for The Self Promotion Empowerment Advocacy and Care Haven who is committed to support women dealing with health challenges, particularly those in underserved and immigrant communities. She is a sought-after speaker who has presented at TEDMED 2013 and was recently featured in Latina Magazine. To learn more, you can visit her website: www.theSPEACH.com

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