Dr. Ivan Borrello, Author at Curetalks

Dr. Ivan Borrello | CureTalks

Dr. Ivan Borrello is Associate Professor of Oncology, Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine for the graduate program, and Director of the Cellular Therapeutics Center at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Borrello and his team of researchers have focused on the development of tumor immunotherapy for blood cancers that use cancer vaccines as well as patient’s own immune system to fight their cancer. The particular treatments developed in Dr. Borrello’s laboratory are known as adaptive T cell therapy with MILs (marrow infiltrating lymphocytes), and have broken new ground in the fight against diseases such as multiple myeloma. A major focus of his work now is based on identifying the mechanisms mediating this enhanced antitumor activity, further enhancing immune-based therapies through in vitro and in vivo immune interventions, and developing a non-myeloablative platform in which these therapies can be delivered with similar efficacy but less toxicity. This work has direct applicability to the development of future clinical studies.

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