Jan Manarite, Author at Curetalks

Jan Manarite | CureTalks

Jan Manarite is the Vice President of Advocacy and Education at PAACT, a prostate cancer advocacy organization founded in the early 80`s, 1983.She previously served as Senior Educational Facilitator and Advocacy Director for PCRI, where she was employed for 13 years.Jan currently writes for PAACT’s blog and newsletter, does public speaking, and helps operate their free Helpline for patients and caregivers. Jan is the widow of Dominic Manarite, who was diagnosed in March of 2000 with a PSA of 7,096, extensive bone metastases, and spinal cord compression.Jan learned quickly that developing the right questions was the path to getting the right answers.She soon became an advocate for Dominic’s treatment regimens and was very involved in his overall care.He lived for 13 years, but lost his prostate cancer battle in 2013. Jan’s perspective of patient empowerment is to help people understand their medical records, develop better questions, find missing information, and dispel misinformation. The focus is patient first – always.

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