Jennifer Mccrea, Author at Curetalks

Jennifer Mccrea | CureTalks

Jennifer McCrea lives in Calgary, Canada. With a strong family history of ovarian cancer, Jenn tested positive for BRCA 1 in 2005. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at stage zero in July 2011 when she was 34 years old. Her sons were about 3 and almost 9 months old at the time. Jenn underwent bilateral mastectomy in August 2011. She has been deemed cancer free since then even though the pathology report showed that her cancer was stage 1 and invasive. Jenn went on to have a bilateral mastectomy and did not need chemo or radiation. She has since then become a runner, marathoner, and a triathlete. In June 2012 she underwent a oophorectomy and in August 2012 went in for breast reconstruction. She now advocates for breast cancer and speaks about her story and BRCA. Jenn has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Flare magazine, IMPACT magazine and has written articles about running as well.

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