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Jennifer Zarou | CureTalks

I am a 56 year old single mother of two girls. The 1st diagnosis of melanoma came months after the birth of my first daughter 20 years ago. The 2nd diagnosis of thyroid cancer came months after the birth of my 2nd daughter, 18 years ago. The third diagnosis came almost 8 years ago of CLL. I was in Watch and Wait for four years and started my first chemo regimen four years ago. Initially I responded well to the medication, but within a year my body began to reject the chemo and caused severe debilitating body pain. I continued for one more year until a clinical trial became available. The clinical trial, which lasted for two years, ended in March of 2021, with complete remission. My Dr suspects I will have a three to four year period of no disease, but I am imagining forever.

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