Jeremy Pivor, Author at Curetalks

Jeremy Pivor | CureTalks

Jeremy Pivor holds a master’s degree in Health and Medical Sciences from U.C. Berkeley – U.C. San Francisco’s Joint Medical Program. In addition to his research on the intersection of human and environmental health, Jeremy wrote an illness narrative of his experience going through a second recurrence of brain cancer only nine months into medical school. He was originally diagnosed at the age of twelve, had a recurrence when he was 23, and given the rare molecular make-up of his tumor, is now undergoing experimental treatments for the new tumor growth. Apart from being passionate about climate justice and ocean conservation, Jeremy advocates for the brain tumor and young adult cancer communities through writing, speaking, fundraising, and lobbying with groups like the National Brain Tumor Society, Dana Farber, UCSF, and others. He is a patient ambassador on palliative care for the EndWell Foundation, co-moderates a monthly brain tumor social media Twitter chat, and is a regular contributor for CURE magazine. You can follow his journey at or on Twitter @JeremyPivor

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