Jim Wickstrom, Author at Curetalks

Jim Wickstrom | CureTalks

Jim Wickstrom is a cancer survivor and advocate helping newly diagnosed PCa patients understand proprietary treatment solutions. Professionally he was an educator who developed interdisciplinary educational programs in a California district of 10,000 students. He has won multiple local and statewide technology grants including CUE, and a $25,000 California State Grant for KidSpeak and student publishing. He created a national astronomy program using Mt. Wilson 24 inch telescope remotely as well as locally using a student operated computer driven Meade LX200. In addition he developed a program donating hundreds of free rebuilt computers to low income families and children at risk with SAIC scientist Dr. Rod Hiddleston. He has been married for 48 years and resides in Carlsbad, CA. If he could only putt, he’d be able to break 80 on the golf course. Using Imaginative Empathy to effect positive solutions.

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