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Johnny Nelson | CureTalks

Johnny Nelson, a patient advocate for colorectal cancer, was diagnosed with stage III cancer in 2011. Although the cancer was successfully removed he had to do 6 months of chemotherapy. Johnny has a strong family history of stomach and colorectal cancer. His mother is a two time breast and colon cancer survivor and he lost 2 of his siblings to stomach cancer in their thirties. His experiences lead him to become a patient advocate. Johnny currently serves on the board of directors of Tribal Liaison for Lynch Syndrome International - a non-profit organization raising awareness of Lynch Syndrome and other hereditary cancers - where he organises two cancer awareness events. The first event is during the month of March, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month where he petitions the Clark County Commissioners to replace the outer perimeter iconic yellow lights on the world famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign to Blue lights in recognition of colorectal cancer awareness month. A ceremony is performed with the county commissioners and Johnny which includes a declaration of a proclamation and then the “flipping of the switch” to illuminate the sign. Johnny also organizes colorectal cancer awareness and Lynch Syndrome information booth at the gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This event attracts over 80,000 people for the 2 day event. There are approximately 3000+ Native Americans dancers and singers from North America and Canada from 500+ tribes that compete and celebrate in unity. Last year this event had 610 people tag their home locations and write their tribal affiliations on map. This event allows to share information about colorectal cancer and Lynch syndrome to Native Americans, indigenous people and folks from all over the world. Johnny grew up in the Four Corners area of New Mexico where he is a member of the Navajo tribe. He currently resides in Las Vegas, for 16 years now.

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