Jonathan Boldt, Author at Curetalks

Jonathan Boldt | CureTalks

"I was recently interviewed about my experiences with infertility, and the first question asked was what my relationship was with infertility. It seems like a fairly simple and straightforward question, but it has been rattling around in my head and caused me to reevaluate some things. My response was drenched with my typical sarcastic, and slightly twisted sense of humor when I said I didn't realize I was having a DTR (Define the Relationship) with my sperm count. I also added that I have a love/hate relationship with my fertility, or lack thereof. When I'm in a crowded mall near a toy store at Christmas, I often feel slightly blessed, but only for a split second.You have to have a sense of humor if you are to endure a decade of fertility issues, and thankfully my wife is so tolerant of my often irreverent joking. The thing is, and I know this will come as a shock, but men and women handle things differently. For me, I feel like I have failed to produce an heir (to what I'm not sure) and just want to know that ""my boys can swim!"" to quote George Costanza. As a writer and a journalist, I turned to writing to share the humor that comes from such pain that only infertility can cause. I also turned to my friend Steve Ruiz to team up and write a book: 'Shooting Blanks: A Husbands Perspective on Missing the Mark and Dealing With Infertility.'"

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