Dr. Leo J Shea III, Author at Curetalks

Dr. Leo J Shea III | CureTalks

"Leo J. Shea III, Ph.D. is Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Rusk Institute, a division of the New York University-Langone Medical Center. Dr. Shea is also President of Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Services, P.C. with offices in New York City and Quincy, Massachusetts. His practice focuses on tick-borne diseases, traumatic brain injury, chronic illness and trauma and provides cognitive remediation and psychotherapy to individuals and families. He is Chairman Emeritus of the National Research Fund for Tick-borne Diseases, Inc. which funds scientific research at major medical and academic institutions. He also serves on the Scientific and Community Advisory Board for the study of Lyme disease at Stanford University Medical Center. Website: www.LeoShea.com."

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