Lisa Goldman, Author at Curetalks

Lisa Goldman | CureTalks

Lisa was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC in January 2014, at age 41. She received chemotherapy until she became resistant after 8 months, and then she switched to the targeted therapy crizotinib, which she’s been doing well on since September 2014. Very soon after diagnosis, Lisa began blogging (at Every Breath I Take), connecting with other ROS1+ patients online, and advocating for more research into ROS1+ cancer. She is one of the founders and the President of The ROS1ders, Inc., a non-profit corporation representing the largest collection of ROS1 patients in the world. When not doing advocacy work, Lisa enjoys painting and teaching Zentangle, keeping fit with Peloton and spending time with her husband, two kids (not necessarily in that order).

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