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Dr. Maria Victoria Mateos | CureTalks

Dr. Maria Victoria Mateos, PhD Director of the Myeloma Unit University Hospital of Salamanca-IBSAL Salamanca, Spain is an Associate Professor of Hematology and Consultant Physician of the Haematology Department at the University Hospital of Salamanca, Spain. She studied Medicine at the University of Valladolid, Spain (1987-93) and completed her residency in Haematology at the University Hospital of Salamanca. In 2000, she obtained her PhD (Methylation of the p16 gene in Multiple Myeloma). Currently, she works as Director of the Myeloma Program and coordinates all clinical trials developed in the Haematology Department, collaborating in the design together with their development. She is coordinator of the Spanish Myeloma Group and member of the PETHEMA board due to her active participation in the clinical trials. She has published over 100 original papers in international journals. Her areas of interest include multiple myeloma, the biology of plasma cells and the news drugs development.

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