Dr. Mark Emberton, Author at Curetalks

Dr. Mark Emberton | CureTalks

Mark Emberton is the Director of the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at University College London. He is also UCL Partners' Pathway Director for urological oncology for London Cancer - a provider network serving 4 million people that live north of the river Thames in London. He is the Honorary Clinical Director of the Clinical Effectiveness Unit at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. As Professor of Interventional Oncology at UCL he leads a clinical innovation team that majors in experimental medicine by combining bio-engineering and nanotechnology with early phase trials in men with prostate cancer. His work encompasses the areas of diagnosis, risk stratification and therapy. He is also interested in the methodological aspects of clinical research, particularly on the use of alternatives to the randomised control trial in surgery and design aspects of diagnostic studies. He is involved in guideline production and appraisal and is interested in the formulation of evidence based management policies.

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