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Dr. Mark Rubin | CureTalks

Dr. Mark Rubin is one of the foremost academic anatomic pathologists in the United States. He is widely recognized for his clinical diagnostic expertise in prostate pathology. Mark A. Rubin is a practicing genitourinary pathologist, who joined Weill Cornell Medical College in July 2007, as a Professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. The focus of Dr. Rubin's laboratory-based research for the past 10 years has been the development of molecular prostate cancer biomarkers to help distinguish indolent from aggressive disease http://rubinlab.med.cornell.edu/). He has over 250 peer-reviewed publications, predominantly in the area of prostate cancer, multiple U.S. and international patents for molecular biomarkers, and over the past few years has been the Principle Investigator of 3 R01 grants, a U01 grant, a Prostate SPORE Project and a Department of Defense Idea Award, all in the area of prostate cancer progression. Dr. Rubin holds multiple patents for molecular biomarkers. He is a member of the World Health Organization Prostate Cancer Tumor Classification and the Cancer Genome Atlas advisory group.

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