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Mary Kay Irving | CureTalks

Mary Kay Irving, LCSW, CNTP is a Nutrition Educator, Lifestyle Coach and Psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. An experienced trauma therapist, Mary Kay suffered a life changing health crisis in 2006 when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 41. After a full recovery using conventional treatment, in 2011 Mary Kay developed pre-diabetes. A friend introduced her to Gary Taube’s book Why We Get Fat and after reading it she cleared out her cupboards and changed her diet. Not only did she reverse her pre-diabetes but she surprisingly eliminated her lifetime struggle with depression. Feeling compelled to share her discovery with others, Mary Kay went back to school to expand her training in the field of nutrition. Mary Kay is now on a mission to educate, inspire and advocate for the use of nutrition and lifestyle practices as part of an integrative approach to healing from trauma, anxiety, depression and addictions as well as for people recovering from cancer treatment, enhancing brain function and stabilizing blood sugar disorders. She specializes in ancestral lifestyles including gluten free, paleo and ketogenic lifestyles.

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