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Matt Goldman was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May 2011 at the age of 49. He has had two relapses and has been on 5 different lines of treatment. Matt started on immunotherapy following a relapse and has been on the same regimen since then. Matt is currently in complete response but must continue with his regimen of a monthly immunotherapy infusion, a daily oral chemo and steroids. Matt had his stem cells collected in December 2011 but has no plans to undergo a stem cell transplant. Matt’s kidneys were damaged by the myeloma, but a combination of exercise and nutrition, along with stable myeloma have helped to keep his kidneys functioning. Matt worked full time from diagnosis until July 2017 when he decided to retire to focus on his health, family, and to rebuild his energy and strength. Matt lives in Long Beach, CA with his wife Leslie. He has a blog that documents his journey, and is also on twitter at @mpg61.

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