Mindy Stone, Author at Curetalks

Mindy Stone | CureTalks

Mindy Stone is a 3rd Generation Floridian who moved to Oregon in 2008 to live where food culture and quality of food matters. She grew up fighting a weight problem from age 11 onward. Attending Weight Watchers at age 12 and feeling ashamed of her body drove her to all kinds of diets until she discovered Bulimia at age 14 which kept her body thin for a decade but couldn't make her happy. She sank into depression and ate her way to obesity/invisibility for several years until talk therapy healed her mentally. In 2005 she went to Mexico for Lap Band surgery which took her from 290 lbs to 190 lbs over a year and worked until it didn't. By 2010 she was up to 240 lbs. and developed acid reflux which lasted until last October when her naturopathic doctor recommended the Ketogenic diet. She has since lost 40 pounds and many inches and her acid reflux went away the first day on Keto. Other health issues have disappeared as well. She says she has never felt better in her life. She loves learning and sharing what she learnt with others. She recently started a Keto support group and has created a business (Training Wheels to Health) designed to help people get off highly processed food, onto whole foods and to help create a healthier home environment.

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