Dr. Paul Schellhammer, Author at Curetalks

Dr. Paul Schellhammer | CureTalks

Dr. Schellhammer, has served as a professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School and has made many contributions to the field of urologic oncology through research initiatives. He has been published widely in the category of prostate cancer. He serves on several editorial boards and as a trustee and president of the American Board of Urology. He has also served as president of the American Urologic Association, Society of Urologic Oncology, and Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Urological Association, and as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Urologic Association. Dr. Schellhammer is the recipient of the Ernest Miles Award of the British Association of Urologic Surgeons, the president’s Medal and Honorary Degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School and an honorary member of the European Association of Urology.

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