Shweta Mishra, Author at Curetalks

Shweta Mishra | CureTalks

Shweta is a San Jose State University Graduate. She holds dual masters degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, and is passionate about the science behind diverse life phenomenas. She also holds certifications in Inbound Content & Digital Marketing from Hubspot Academy, Protecting Human Research Participants from NIH, and in Intellectual Property in Biotechnology from WIPO. Shweta is responsible for content initiatives and digital marketing and provides research support. In addition to communicating through company’s social media pages, her work spans across writing blogs, hosting Curetalks discussions/webinars, managing CureTalks website content, and copywriting and editing other content. On CureTalks she hosts the infertility/reproductive medicine talk series and women’s health related talks. She tweets at company twitter handles and @setu4in.

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