Stephanie Parker, Author at Curetalks

Stephanie Parker | CureTalks

A teacher by profession, Stephanie tried 2 years to conceive on her own when she found out she needed infertility treatments and finally decided to go for IVF. She was lucky when she conceived her first child using her only viable embryo from her first IVF cycle, but was not lucky the next time she tried. Just when Stepahnie thought they were done with their chances of having another child because there was no more money to be used, luckily, New Hampshire, where Stephanie lives, passed the access to fertility care bill and her insurance voted to cover 3 rounds of IVF per pregnancy. Stephanie was a part of the group of supporters who spoke at the statehouse this summer to testify in favor of the access to fertility care bill. Stephanie also represented her district at the annual insurance meeting to take this further. She wishes more people like her get help from their insurers to have a chance to build their families.

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