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Dr. Pablo Tebas | CureTalks

Dr Pablo Tebas is the director and the principal investigator of the AIDS clinical trial unit and professor of medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is one of the founding members of the HIV Reservoirs and Viral Eradication (Cure) Transformative Science Group (TSG) of the AIDS clinical trial group. In addition to his ACTG work, he is the PI of several early phase trials of new compounds developed in conjunction with the NIH in several IPCP grants, including a Phase I study evaluating the antiviral activity of aprepitant (an NK-1R antagonist that down-regulates the expression of CCR5) and a phase I study evaluating the immunogenicity of a therapeutic DNA vaccine administered by intramuscular electroporation in collaboration with David Weiner. He is also the PI of several gene therapy studies evaluating the therapeutic use of lentiviral vectors in the management of HIV infection (including the use of VIRxSYS 496 –antisense approach - the first in humans Sangamo’s zinc finger nuclease for CCR5 edition, in collaboration with Dr Carl June. Dr. Tebas' clinical interest focuses on the treatment of HIV infection and associated infections like hepatitis C, and also the clinical manifestations and treatment of atypical mycobacterial infections. He graduated from Universidad Autónoma De Madrid, Spain in 1985.

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