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Tiffany H. Williams | CureTalks

Dr. Tiffany Hawkins Williams graduated from MUSC with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1990, Master of Science in Nursing in 2001, and Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2012. She is a retired certified pediatric nurse practitioner, with specialty in adolescent parenting, health disparities among underserved and disadvantaged children and adolescents, and childhood obesity. Dr. Williams was actively involved in mentoring diverse and underrepresented high school and nursing students. She served as College of Nursing Diversity Officer where she coordinated and guided efforts to define, assess, foster, and cultivate diversity and inclusion. Tiffany was diagnosis with multiple myeloma in November 2013. The life changing treatment and remission process of myeloma led to her transforming her life’s purpose to a myeloma advocate focused on increasing awareness and improving outcomes. The transition from health care professional to cancer survivor and advocate was not easy but an organic process broadening her passion from health disparities affecting children and adolescents to advocating for people living with cancer. She did what came naturally; she became an advocate and speaker, support group leader of two multiple myeloma support groups, and member of multiple patient councils and advocacy boards for organizations and agencies. She is well known for her work on diversity in multiple myeloma and now sits on multiple advisory boards, committees, and patient engagement groups as a patient advocate, and has contributed to published peer-reviewed journal papers. Tiffany is determined to give voice to the racial and ethnic disparities and disproportionate burden of cancer affecting African Americans. Knowledge is power, and she is on a mission to increase knowledge and empower African Americans and others living with cancer to live their best lives.

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