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Walter Green Jr | CureTalks

Walt Green lives in New York, USA, with his wife of 26 years and their 2 teenage daughters. He was diagnosed in May 2012, at age 49. His pre-biopsy PSA was 2.80 ng/ml; 3/12 cores were positive for cancer; his Gleason score was 6; his clinical stage was T2c. His choice of treatment was non-invasive management (active surveillance or AS). As of May 2014, Walt will have been on AS for 2 years. His most recent PSA was 1.6, and his annual biopsy last June showed 2/12 cores positive for cancer (10% and > 5%) with a twice-confirmed Gleason score of 6. Walt now spends some of his spare time (in real life and on the internet) helping others diagnosed with prostate cancer to make informed decisions about their prostate cancer treatment options.

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