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Covid-19 Vaccines – What Multiple Myeloma Patients Should Know?

Multiple myeloma patients are often immunosuppressed for months following treatments such as maintenance therapies, immunosuppressive drugs, hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) and CAR-T therapies. They are at higher risk for serious complications from the SARS-CoV-2 virus leading to hospitalizations and ICU admissions. There is no data available on the efficacy and safety of the currently available vaccines in this population and the myeloma patient community is confused whether they should or should not get vaccinated. However, the American Society of Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (ASTCT) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH) supports that this vulnerable population of patients should be prioritized to be vaccinated as early as possible along with their caregivers when vaccine supply permits. We are talking to infectious disease expert Dr Zainab Shahid of Levine Cancer Institute / Carolinas Healthcare System to understand the various nuances around Covid19 vaccinations in multiple myeloma patients and learn more about the appropriate time of administration.


Talk Recorded on Feb 23, 2021, 01:30 pm EST </> Embed Multiple Myeloma
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  1. B

    Are we developing tests for memory T cells responses to the vaccine?

  2. C

    Should a MM patient in remission but on treatment (Dara/Pomalyst/Dex for instance) try to get one of RNA based vaccines with a higher efficacy rate, since its unknown how well our immune systems will respond — or if the patient is offered the Johnson and Johnson, should he/she take that one instead, even if it might not get as robust an immune response?

  3. L

    I have just received my 2nd vaccine and will get an antibody test in about a month. How do I interpret the results compared to what a person without Myeloma might get. At what level should be concerned about my level of protection.

  4. E

    Many myeloma patients are on Revlimid maintenance therapy. Any indications as to when in the maintenance cycle to get vaccinated?

  5. S

    1 is it okay to take NSAIDs for pain or fever after getting the vaccination?

    2. How long after getting the second vaccination for those that require two doses would it take if one wanted to find out how much of an antibody load was generated?

  6. K

    Should maintenance therapy of velcade injections bi-weekly be withheld before or after the two vaccine injections? I have seen information suggesting not to have maintenance therapy until after second vaccine is received. Please advise.

  7. K

    There are many diseases/treatments that cause a person to be “immunocompromised.” I have recently read about a patient in Boston who’s immunocompromised state enabled the virus to actively mutate in his body for over 5 months. This raises grave concerns that an individual, who’s Covid can not be quickly eliminated, may become a spreader of mutations resistant to vaccines/therapy. Where does multiple myeloma fit on this continuum of immunocompromised conditions? And shouldn’t this lead folk with immunocompromised conditions to be a priority for vaccination. Not just for themselves but to protect the community.