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Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s Disease in Relation to Infertility – How can Functional Medicine Help?

Although the butterfly shaped thyroid gland located at the base of the neck is very small, it produces a vital hormone that regulates metabolism and influences every organ, tissue and cell in the body. Hypothyroidism is characterized by low production of thyroid hormone which if left untreated may lead to long-term complications such as heart diseases, diabetes, nerve injury and infertility. We are talking to reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Aimee Evyazzadeh of Egg Whisperer Enterprises and Dr Christine Maren – a board certified physician who addressed her own pregnancy complications & hypothyroidism using functional medicine – to learn about the effects of hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s disease on fertility, its connection with PCOS & gut health, and its management using conventional and functional medicine. RSVP to join us and clarify your queries on Hypothyroidism & its management or just listen to the discussion. You can also post your questions below.


Talk Recorded on Oct 29, 2020, 04:00 pm EST </> Embed Infertility Clinical Trials
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  1. E

    Hi, I’m 41 and trying to conceive for the past 4 years. Due to Male factor we need ICSI. My TSH hovers naturally around 3 so I’ve been on levothyroxine for the past few years and now have TSH down to 1.72 whilst on 75mg levothyroxine.
    Taking estrogen for fertility procedures seems to raise my TSH but we are managing that by increasing the dose of levothyroxine whilst on estrogen.
    My question relates to my TPO. I had it checked 2 months ago and it was about 31 and last week it had risen to 41. Should I be concerned?
    My testosterone is 0.64 nmol/L and I am just about to start 75mg daily of DHEA in advance of my next egg collection in a few months. Could the DHEA also help with the TPO? Anything else I should ask my family doctor and is it worth seeing an endocrinologist?

    • S

      Hi there, Sorry could not ask this question due to shortage of time. Hope most part of it was answered during the discussion. Will try best to get you the rest of your answers.

    • S

      Dr Maren: “I hesitate to answer this just because I don’t want to dispense specific medical advice before a through checkup. But I would not be too concerned with that kind of increase in TPO antibodies, it is not super significant but as always talk to your doctor to see what their thoughts are. I do not use DHEA to address TPO antibodies but rather to address hormones.

  2. M

    My TSH is 4.9. I am planning to get pregnant. I will start to take levothyroxine next week. Does hypothyroidism ( Hashimoto) cause fertility problems? Does Hashimoto disease affect egg quality ?Could I have a healthy pregnancy with hypothyroidism? During pregnancy, could I still take levothyroxine. I have heard that it is not a good idea to get pregnant while you take thyroid replacement such as levothyroxine. Is levothyroxine a lifetime medicine? What are the best/ bad foods to eat if you have hypothyroidism. What vitamins/ supplement help for thyroid function? Is it a good idea to take prenatal vitamins during this time? Thank you so much.

    • S

      Thanks for your question. Dr Aimee and Dr Maren covered all these in the discussion. The recording of the talk will be made available soon on this page as well as the CureTalks youtube channel.

  3. R

    My TSH is 5.3, I have an egg retrieval planned in dec to preserve fertility. Would that TSH level impact the egg quality ?
    what is the diet you would recommend to bring down TSH levels ?

    • S

      Thanks for your question.

  4. P

    How to reduce poly cysts in ovaries of PCOD naturally?
    What are the vegetables and fruits to eat to cure PCOD?
    Does the tablets of PCOD treatment cause any side effect if it cause how it can be treated?

    • S

      Thanks for your question. Will try best to cover these.