Ashley Levinson, Author at Curetalks

Ashley Levinson | CureTalks

Ashley Levinson is both a patient and advocate for patients living with PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Her over twenty years of advocacy include online campaigns #Heart4PCOS #nightofteal and #LemonFaceChallenge which have run over the past five years and engaged thousands online. She has a background in healthcare as an orthopaedic surgical first assist and certified medical assistant and has served as a PCOS Program coordinator for Drexel PCOS Center, currently serves as a patient advisory board member for PCOS Challenge and has been a volunteer, executive director and advisor to many PCOS, Chronic Illness and Women's Health Organisations. She has and continues to advance awareness through social media campaigns, articles, podcasts and blog posts and has made multiple appearances on television including Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis. Glamour Magazine and Woman World Magazine to advance education about the syndrome. Ashley, over the past three years joined PCOS Challenge in Washington DC to lobby for legislation to bring more funding and awareness to PCOS and has founded an online PCOS petition which has gained over 33K signatures aimed at The National Institutes of Health to invest more than 0.1% of government spending into more research, education and outreach for PCOS.

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