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Managing PCOS Symptoms with Nutrition Modifications & Supplements

Diet and medical nutrition therapy is a crucial part of PCOS management. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Nutrition Care Manual includes evidence-based medical nutrition therapy guidelines for adolescents and young adults with PCOS which indicates that proper management of macronutrient intake and supplementation of a few micronutrients are helpful in reducing symptoms of PCOS such as bloating, male-pattern baldness, acne, irregular menstruation, hyperandrogenism and more. However, one size does not fit all and personalised nutrition guidance is recommended for all women. What supplements have been shown to regulate periods and improve fertility? Which nutrient reduces excess hair growth and acne? What helps reduce bloating before periods? Does intermittent fasting work? Is low carb better or low fat? What does evidence tell us? 

To get answers to these questions and more from the PCOS Tracker community as well as women from the larger community, we seek the expertise of registered dietician Angela Grassi, a PCOS survivor herself who is an internationally known nutrition and health expert on PCOS, author of several books on PCOS and founder of PCOS Nutrition Center. Anglea will educate us about the most effective dietary modifications to improve various manifestations of PCOS in different age groups. PCOS patient advocates Ashley Levinson and Lisa Rosenthal will help guide the discussion from the patient panel.

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    Best IUDs for PCOS? How to regulate periods naturally as well as hormonal acne?

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    Not interested in fertility aspects, but suffer from PCOS along with Trichotillomania, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorder and Epilepsy. With all the medications that I have to take, how do I know which vitamins are best for me? Some doctors say that because vitamins are not FDA approved they don’t recommend them.

  3. V

    Is birth control mandatory to get rid of cysts? Or can I take supplements that encourage hormonal balance?

  4. J

    How to improve fertility and regulate periods naturally? Also, what supplements are best for these issues?

  5. L

    I suffer from Hashimoto’s and PCOS. I have also suffered from eating disorders. I feel like everyone is telling me to remove many food groups from my diet to “manage” the two conditions, but this is affecting my (already low) mood and my mental health. How can I navigate this?

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    Can you please discuss how hormonal IUDs effect PCOS.

  7. S

    Regulating periods and improve fertility