Madison Lip, Author at Curetalks

Madison Lip | CureTalks

Madison was diagnosed with PCOS February 2019 after years of ignoring her symptoms. She started experiencing severe mood swings and anger in 2014, then she started breaking out in 2015 and noticed facial hair on her chin and lip. She went on Accutane in 2016 which helped clear her acne even though she still gets the occasional pimple. She started gaining weight and went from 150 pounds to 260 pounds over 6 years. She has terrible social anxiety and deal with mild depression outbreaks here and there. She experiences hair loss on her head and hair growth on her body. She also has cysts on both ovaries and her period is very irregular. Madison is grateful she was diagnosed so she can make the necessary life changes. She says “I have a long way to go but we all have to start somewhere. I’ve made multiple changes in the past two months and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. I’ve learned so much from all the wonderful women in the PCOS and health community.”

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